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KorearicVinyl RIP 2

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"KorearicVinyl RIP 2" is the compilation of "Korearic" sounds discovered from Korean LPs of 80s-90s.

Korean LPs are famous for its amazingly original sounds of psychedelic rock and acid folk of 60s-70s. However, vinyls of early 80s till mid 90s have not been found nor evaluated fairly enough. They are truly treasures especially when it comes to city-pop/dance-oriented pop/emotional pop.

These Korearic songs sound so vivid for Japanese listeners as they look so much like Japanese pops of the same time. Many of them even found this a parallel history to Japanese pops.

However, we are sure that music lovers of the world will find the charms of these songs from many other perspectives.

14 songs in CD-R.

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Please check out the snippet sample on soundcloud.

Produced by BACON crew from Japan.